Preparing For An Overnight Safari Trip in Dubai

The overnight safari in Dubai is one of things that tourists look forward to when they visit Dubai. Being under the stars in the desert is definitely something that you should include on your travel goals and list. A lot of tourists who were able to experience its beauty profess who they had wonderful time.

Once you get the chance, you need to prepare for this awesome trip. Here are some tips for your upcoming luxury desert safari Dubai trip.

  • Confirm your departure time

The day (or night?) before the scheduled trip, you need to call your tour operator to confirmed your schedule. Although you have it on paper, you still need to call them to ensure that you are on the list and there is no mix up. Tour operators are handling lots of tours and tourists at all times and there are moments that there will be some mix up with the schedule. Just to ensure, confirm your name on their list.

You can also take this opportunity to ask them the meeting place or the pickup point, what are the things that you need to bring and anything that you want to know about the tour. Since it will be an overnight adventure, forgetting something important would make the trip a little difficult.

  • Pack the right clothes

Based on your talk with the tour operator, prepare the necessary clothes that you need to bring for the overnight trip. The apparels that you need to bring will depend on the season. If it is summer season, you need to bring lightweight clothes made with cool material. It is be hot even during nights so you better prepare for it. A colder season, be sure to bring in some bandanas and light sweater to keep you cool.

You may also need to check the kind of clothing that you will be wearing and bringing. Dubai and UAE has a strict policy when it comes to clothing.

  • Do not forget the essentials

Aside from the clothes, be sure to bring the pack of essentials with you. On top of mind, you need to put the following in your overnight bag: your own toiletries, gadgets and power banks, and your prescription medicines for your medical needs. You need to have these things in the bag at least a day before the trip. Double-check it before you leave so you can be sure that you will not miss anything.