Why Going For A Custom Exhibition Stall Is A Good Idea

Fair participants who already have their share of exhibition and fair event experience are always looking for ways to edge their competition. From the usual booth design, they invest on expensive customized booths and stalls to attract potential target audience and also increase chances of onsite sale.

But there are still some traditional fair players who like to keep it simple and humble. However, if you are looking forward to promoting your brand, having a personalized booth would probably help you achieve that goals. Below are other reasons why you need to go for it:

  • Venue to more creative


Nowadays, people are looking for something that can pique their interest. They are looking for something different and unique, especially in exhibition fairs. In the sea of commonly-looking stalls, they are more interested on checking out the ones who are giving them that creative vibe they are looking for.


It is hard to achieve such goal with a modular stall. You are limited in terms of creativity and design. But with a customized stall, you will have more room to experiment and play with the exhibition design.


  • Stand out from your competition


Modular stalls are inexpensive and quite easy to install, but they also look like other stalls in the space. If you are aiming to attract more people, this is not the way to do it. You might need to do some double-time on promotions if your booth looked like any others in the place.


With a custom-designed stall, you have the opportunity to be different from the rest. You definitely need this if you are competition with stalls who are in the same industry as yours or offering the same products and services. And also, if your booth is placed in a not so crowded location. Consult with exhibition companies in Dubai that can help you on this aspect.

  • Opportunity to promote the brand


Branding is an integral part of the company. This is what will sets you apart from the competition and make people remember you. Big companies invest on having their branding put on different collaterals, even in exhibition booths and stalls. The common modular stall gives you little room to promote the brand since it is pre-made.


But with a personalized stall, you are given the liberty to incorporate your branding however you want it. You can include it on the design in any part of the stall.

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