Quick guide to cocktail dresses for women

Isn’t it super exciting to doll up for an evening event which you have been looking forward to since quite a while. Yet when you receive an invitation for the event with words ‘cocktail attire’ stapled all over them, it must confuse you about which dress code they are asking you to wear. Well, no worries as here we bring you the complete guide to cocktail dresses Dubai:

  • Cocktail attire usually refers to a dress which ends just above or at knees. The idea behind the dress is to be sophisticated and elegant but there are no rules against making the dress fun and creative. All sorts of designs and patterns are encouraged just keeping the event in mind. The dress is usually paired with high heels and a small clutch with decent jewellery.
  • A cocktail dress should not be something to stress about. It has to be simple and easy to find at ladies dress design shops. Make sure that you keep things fun and cool despite the event being formal and sophisticated, don’t go overboard by under dressing or overdressing – find the middle ground with right accessories and colour code of the dress that should be followed.
  • Things which you should avoid in a cocktail dress are as following:
    • Don’t reveal too much as it must be a formal event and revealing too much of skin could mean offending someone and making it a party.
    • Don’t forget to wear a gown above when entering and leaving the party. This shows your decency.
    • Never ask the host to clarify the dress code if you are unsure what is mentioned and what you should be wearing. Ask someone else when in doubt but never contact the host directly.
    • Don’t forget that hair and makeup play an equally important part and should be considered. Hair and makeup must coordinate with your dress and the dress code. Don’t go overboard with makeup and keep your hair in a formal bun or something on those lines.

There are a few specific pieces which must be present in a cocktail dress. One piece dress along with jewellery and perfect cocktail shoes should be your go to look. Add a sophisticated finish to the look with a pair of heels which look like a pump or sandal.