What You Need To Know About Dhow Cruises

Dhow cruises in Dubai Marina are becoming ever more popular with tourists, who flock to the city to experience this amazing excursion. While Dubai lacks in oases or natural water bodies, the city is famous for its artificial canal city, known as Dubai Marina, which is the site of a plethora of enjoyable Dhow cruises.

What Are Dhows?

These cruises are so named owing to the traditional dhow vessels they are named after. They offer an interesting way for tourists to delve in the city’s ancient Maritime heritage, and are a blend of traditional Arabic heritage and sumptuous buffet dinners.

Choosing a Dhow Cruise

Numerous companies in Dubai offer myriad Dhow cruise packages. Visitors and tourists should strive to compare the rates of different companies to make sure they get the best value for money when it comes to enjoyment. For families and big groups, these companies offer exciting packages that you can avail.

When it comes to finding the best Dhow cruise excursion in Dubai, tourists have a choice between the Marina and the Dubai creek. While the Dubai creek embodies the typical Arabian simplicity of a bygone era, the Marina is more appealing to sightseeing tourists due to its modern outlook. Tourists especially marvel at the traditional design of a Dhow, with its large deck windows offering an unparalleled view of nighttime Dubai. If you want an even better view, you can check out traditional dhows with open air decks. A lot of companies even provide guided tours on their dhow cruises for tourists who want to learn about the places they are passing through.


Dhow Cruise Entertainment

For tourists who just want to have fun and relax, there are plenty of Dhow cruises that promise exactly that. You can even book a dhow for parties and private functions, and look for dhow cruise companies that offer great packages for private events. These packages typically include a scrumptious international buffet and a DJ for hire. A bevy of enticing and gorgeous belly dancers make up the most popular attraction of the parties. A wide array of cocktails and drinks are also available onboard for tourists on such cruises.

Food on a Dhow Cruise

When you are booking a Dhow cruise, you can even tell them your food preferences to make sure that you can stomach what is on offer. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, the dhow cruise company would make arrangements to cater to your palette. Not only is a Dhow cruise the best place for experiencing Bedouin hospitality and traditions, it’s also a great opportunity for you to savor in the aroma of “kahweh”, the traditional Arabic coffee. Read more to know about the various food options you can find aboard the dhow cruises.