Advantages of having a 90-day Dubai Visa

The state of Dubai is an ideal blend of ancient culture and amazing modern lifestyle makes it a perfect destination to spend time here with your family and friends. The more you stay in this state of the United Arab Emirates, the better it gets. Therefore, the 90 days visa in Dubai is the best option mostly suggested by the travel agents to their clients whether they are traveling from the South Asian countries or from any other parts of the world. Dubai’s attractions are not limited to 10-20 destinations, rather there is a world out there to be explored and tapped. When you visit Dubai, you get to not only experience the country side of the state in its vast deserts, but also get acclimatized to the modern world while traveling across the massive towers and some of the most creative building structures.


Let’s get to know about the main benefits of obtaining a 90-day visa for Dubai.


  1. This is the best option if you are planning to stay in Dubai for a longer period of time.
  2. It provides you with the best possible chance to explore the hidden marvels of Dubai along with your friends and family members. Kids love their times in Dubai as it has on offer some of the most amazing recreational places for the young children.
  3. A longer stay in Dubai gives you the opportunity to explore, explore, and repeat exploring the fun-filled activities like dhow cruise, desert safari, and world-class shopping, etc.
  4. The 90-day visa allows you to use your trip to Dubai not only for leisure but also for tourism purpose. Moreover, you can also check out the local job climate and see if you fit in here. The last three or four months of a year and a couple of months of a new year in Dubai are filled with a number of amazing activities like concerts, meetings, important exhibitions like Dubai Shopping Festival, and many other events.


Before you apply for a 90-day visa to Dubai, you must keep in mind the following things to avoid any hassle and delay in the process.


  1. Duly filled out visa application form for the 90-day visit visa to Dubai
  2. A clear copy of your passport which is valid for at least six months in advance at the time of the visit
  3. Your passport-sized photographs taken against the white background
  4. The person who acts as your guarantor will have to submit his passport which is valid for at least three months and his salary certificate
  5. You will have to submit the security deposit


The 90-day visa is not the only option to explore this amazing state, but you can also look for transit visa to Dubai if you’re going to stay for a short while during your long air travel.