Jennifer Lopez - An Earrings Love Story

Jennifer Lopez – An Earrings Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a Latina beauty named Jennifer Lopez.

Straight from the streets of the Boogie-Down Bronx, she had aspirations of becoming a huge star. So she worked hard. She danced, she sang, and she auditioned again and again, turning a deaf EAR to the negative word NO. And one day, that No became a YES. Jennifer Lopez is now also known as J Lo; star of films, music,and a favorite American Idol judge. Everyone knows who she is; the Goddess with the bronzed flawless skin and the golden-highlighted hair. The original curvy girl, with SOME OF THE BEST EARRINGS ACCESSORIES STYLE THAT THIS BLOGGER HAS EVER SEEN.

Someone summon the guards!  Cityrocka Perry’s Style Watch has sounded on high alert, blinded by THE ROCKS THAT SHE’S GOT. IS SHE STILL JENNY FROM THE BLOCK in Atelier Versace gems though? The jury is out and the answer is a resounding YES, yet again. Chandelier earrings, posts, studs, In Living Color, silver, gold, diamonds, and copper. Truth be told, all of her picks are quite infatuation-worthy. And if Love is instinctively knowing when you’ve met your match in jewelry accessories, well then I’ll take several pairs of any of the above pics. And while we can all agree that “being Jennifer Lopez”  includes a variety of other things on her that we’re fond of eye spying—-like those mink eyelashes, the way her hair lies down so neatly into her signature ponytail, the glitzy rings that she wears. Or how about her high fashion clothing, neutral lip gloss swag, or any one of the men attached to her arm like well-groomed accessories? Here’s what Cityrocka appreciates; J Lo’s suitors may come and go, but those earrings of hers? They remain A STAPLE.

I was about to wrap up this accessory post when a naughty devil abruptly appeared on my left shoulder. “What, no Celebrity Accessories Gossip on Jennifer Lopez?” he asked with a wicked smirk. He called me a kiss-up, an overzealous fan and a coward of all things for not wanting to utter anything about J LO that might make her dislike me. I’ll take that. Chicken bawk-bawk baby.You might say that Jennifer Lopez wearing $26,156 worth of mostly accessories to the airport is Celebrity Gossip, but  Cityrocka calls it Flossin’. Don’t be mad if Jennifer Lopez can do it—-and you can’t.

And as for all of my faithful Accessories Blog readers, scroll, scroll on. There’s no way that I’m referring to you my comrades in fashion. You can be ALL ABOUT THAT JENNIFER LOPEZ EARRINGS LIFE, with the selections that I’ve meticulously scouted out for you below…

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    March 10, 2015

    Nice 🙂

  • Kristin Knudsen
    June 29, 2015

    The Kate Spade and David Yurman earrings are gorgeous!!! A wish to have a pair of diamond earrings! They are also my birth stone! So, at some point, my wish is to have silver/white gold diamond hoops!

  • Linda Manns Linneman
    July 15, 2015

    What a great selection of earrings. Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful. I think she would look great no matter what she put on. Thank you so much for sharing

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