Angelina Jolie - Flosses Hubby with $3M Wedding Watch....

Angelina Jolie – Flosses Hubby with $3M Wedding WOWzers Watch….





Angelina Jolie  – flosses her hubby with the gift of a watch.

And why not? The twosome have nothing but time on their hands together after sealing the deal with their very recent nuptials last month. And naturally, this isn’t just any old time piece accessory. As far as accessories go when it comes to watches, Angelina Jolie Trumped any of the watch brands that you or I would  dare ever think of. It not a Rolex, Cartier, Gucci, Armani, Burberry, Timex, Michael Kors, or a Fossil. It’s the accessory of accessories—Brad Pitt will be top-shelf accessorizing whenever he slaps this rare watch on his wrist, and you’d better believe it. It’s something like a phenomenon, and it  actually looks similar to the watch pictured below:






What kind of watch is it exactly?

Cityrocka figured that you’d want to know this kind of Celebrity Gossip. Well, it prbably goes without saying that this is a RARE Swiss watch ; actually a 1952 Patek Philippe Platinum chronometer. Some of it’s features include a perpetual calendar, minute repeating, chronograph, and tourbillon. If you really want to get into how this watch tick-ticks, there’s more on the functions here. Anyways,  break out your tissues because the blushing bride, Angelina Jolie even took  accessory time to have the watch lovingly inscribed:

‘To Roly from Nessa’

No, I don’t thing that Roly and Nessa are Angelina Jolie  and Brad Pitts’ street names. These are the names of characters that the two newlyweds will be playing in their next film. And here’s more Celebrity GossipAngelina Jolie is showcasing her directing chops, but then that’s not really news to Cityrocka because you have to be able to tell people what to do when you have a brood of kids back at the nest. I know that there a lot of you out there still yapping about paying 3 mili  for a watch, but it’s not your money—or mines. And if it makes you feel any better, I’ll also share that Angelina Jolie is reportedly worth 145 Million dollars, so this is a chick who can afford to splurge on ACCESSORIES.


Now who’s in the mood to WATCH what you ask for? These timepieces are practically bubble gum machine worthy in terms of cost for you Angelina Jolie….

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