A few great things your kid can do on a beach

Heading to a beach is surely fun, but you have to think for your kid’s fun first. You can help them to learn how to swim, but what other kids activities in Dubai lie around the corner? That is exactly what we are going to talk about this time.

Making sandcastles – The imaginary land of sand

This one is a classic. Just sit beside your child and very close to water. Then the magic can begin. A mixture of sand and salty water can be absolutely fantastic. If you have some tiny plastic soldiers, the joy will be complete. You might use some sea shells as well. Decoration of a sand castle is surely important. You might build a canal around a castle and let it be filled with water. Do not forget a drawbridge, because you cannot let those tiny solders swim to their castle. Know that the castle has to be sturdy because you don’t want it to be washed away with the first big wave. Apart from this, signs or drawings in the sand are always fun to look at so make an effort into making some.

Quest has to be completed – sea shells, here we come

Different shapes of those little things are always amusing to see. That is especially the case with little children. They just love sea shells. Who am I kidding? I love collecting sea shells, maybe even more than kids do. So, what is to be accomplished here then? Give your child a bucket, and give him the ultimate quest. The goal of the quest is to search and collect as many different sea shells as possible. There are many different types of them. Some are round shaped and others are long and pointy. All those shells can be used later for the beautiful aquarium, if you own some, of course. You can have a makeshift necklace made out of them as well. Possibilities are limitless to tell you the truth. Visit website for more information.

Enormous delight … let us fly a kite

This is always an excellent thing to do with a child. The best thing is that you will be doing it together. First of all, try to get that thing in the air. Tell your kid that he should release a kite on your sign. When he does that, the kite will go up. Give him the string so he can make the kite go up and down. He will surely appreciate it. This is a great game in which you will bond with your kid. And that is what is the most important in all of this. Along with it, you can play catch as a family. The best place for this is shallow water where you can jump and throw yourself into the water a couple of times. Watch your child smiling when his parent is totally wet because of the ball he threw. You will have a blast.