The Power Of The Bangle Bracelet

The Power Of The Bangle Bracelet



Wonder-Woman did it well when she incorporated this accessory to the forefront of her USA-themed body slimmer (ahem), I mean outfit. Big ones, skinny ones, chain linked, wooden, plastic, or metal;bracelets were and still are a staple in almost every woman’s jewelry collection. In this fast approaching age of 2010, a girl can’t freakin’ pile on enough. So just do it. Mix em and stack them. They shouldn’t be matchy-matchy—I like the ones that look like you may have purchased them abroad, the ones that might evoke a topic of discussion ,perhaps with a common stranger. And while it’s true that a person may hear them before seeing them, it’s probably better to just be seen. In other words, don’t shake whatcha jewla’ gave ya—not too much. Just remember, true style mavens don’t need to drum up attention for themselves. The attention comes to them 😉 Oh, and I hope you like the single bracelet pictures I posted above. They’re all designer, and in this order: 1)Burberry 2)Fendi 3)Hermes and 4)Gucci . And you’re damn right I’m getting me one, just as soon as my money gets right—because those fancy named versions don’t come cheap at $300 and better a pop. You may not have asked me, butr here;s my advice. While we’re keeping it frugal keep it fabulous by being creative;layer up on the inexpensive bracelets first. (P.S. Don’t layer bracelet cuffs people. I don’t want you looking ridiculous, or telling people that you got it from a post on here).


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