Miley Cyrus – A Diamond a Day Keeps Miley….

Miley Cyrus – A Diamond a Day Keeps Miley….



Miley Cyrus – A Diamond a Day Keeps Miley….

First off,  let’s make that diamonds; as in plural. Rihanna isn’t the Only Girl in the World Shining bright like a diamond. The Notorious M-i-l-e-Y Cyrus was recently in the recording booth with Flaming Lips own Wayne Coyne in Tulsa Oklahoma Covering a Beatles classic. In Coyne’s words, “Miley Cyrus is vomiting diamonds in the studio while singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! If you’re a Beatles and John Lennon freak, you gonna love love love this track!! Got Andrew from MGMT too!!!!” Coyne added. Cityrocka thinks that we’ll just have to wait and see if we feel the song in the same way, but one thing gives Cityrocka the clarity of a diamond. Ms. Miley Cyrus has got it pretty good these days. Everyone wants her vocals on their tracks,  and she’s fire. No— I mean literally. Her tour bus caught fire on Monday night, but fortunately, no one got hurt. Miley wasn’t even aboard, she was scarfing down donuts from District Donuts at the time. District Donuts as in the home of freshly made intricate donuts, miniature burgers, french fries  and coffee. You heard me right. Cafe. But before I wander off into a sugar-glazed haze, I’ll get back on topic. A diamond here. A diamond there. See Miley run. It. The IT girl totally ran IT At the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala styling a Repossi Berbere  4 row diamond Earring. She was stuntin alright. A diamond here a diamond there. Diamonds, a diamond everywhere. Even on the March 2014 cover of W magazine. It’s stack on stacks of Beladora vintage diamond bracelets with an influence of Art Deco. All marquise and baguettes, my Cityrockajewelrystyle-blog readers. It’s enough to make a jewelry enthusiast lose her mind. Someone lock me away quickly…. Can we make it the Chanel Padlock Necklace though? I don’t care what it retails for. Okay, now fill in the blank. Miley Cyrus – In 2014, a Diamond a Day Keeps Miley….CONTENT. Yes, that’s it. Miley Cyrus –  A Diamond a Day Keeps Miley Cyrus CONTENT.





If you’re feeling like a pimp, you’ll want to throw your own diamonds up. No worries, I’m not judging, real or faux. Scroll on down and make it happen.





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