Differences between E-business and E-commerce

E-commerce and E-business are two very common terminologies which we go through very often nowadays. The world has advanced in each and every field through science and technology. And in this very field of business, the advancement lead to the advent of e-commerce and e-business. Generally, e-commerce is thought to be the same as e-business and these two are confused with each other, but in reality, these two are different terminologies. Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce is just like an industry where the purchasing and selling of products and services is carried through any sort of electronic system such as the internet and other computer networks. But, when we talk about e-business, then we come to know that e-business is much more than just e-commerce.

We can call e-commerce as the subset of an e-business strategy.

  • E-business requires more calculated efforts as compared to e-commerce and it puts more emphasis on functions that occur through electronic capabilities. On the other hand, e-commerce is geared towards generating additional income with the help of the World Wide Web via an optimized ecommerce web design in Dubai. This is done so in order to create and enhance the relationships of clients and partners and by the employment of different strategies, it strives to improve efficiency.
  • E-business includes different types of business processes which cover the entire value chain. It governs the process of buying through electronic means and manages the supply chain and is further focused on handling the customer service and cooperates with business partners. On the other hand, e-commerce basically is just the name of the process to buy, sell or exchange products, services or the information via internet or the other computer networks. Thus, e-business has an advanced approach and applications as compared to e-commerce.
  • We can call e-commerce as the backbone of e-business. E-commerce simply employs an electronic medium in order to buy, sell and exchange products and services. It has limited applications such as the acceptance of credit and payments over the net, to make banking transactions with the help of internet, selling information and commodities by electronic means and so on. However, e-business incorporates e-commerce and along with that, it also includes the front and back-office applications that collectively give rise to the engine for modern e-commerce. For the record, e-commerce also calls for proper brand activation in Dubai to get things going.