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Michael Kors – 10 Fashion Items to Elevate Your Wardrobe, All On SALE

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Michael Kors is one of those fashion designers that someone with a ton of money can buy from, or someone with considerably less cash can buy from. His clothing and fashion accessories encompass this really cool factor, which is probably the key to the brands success. This blog post is for all of my style peeps who are always on the prowl for a juicy sale. My hope is that everyone takes notice actually, because who doesn’t want to save coins? These are my key picks for fashion accessories;

Golden Globes 2017- Fashion Slayers and Style No Ma’ams

So, the Golden Globes 2017 HAPPENED. And we were by the tube front and center to see what your favorite celebrities were wearing with our eyes keenly zoomed into the fashion accessories. You know, that ring that bling and all that makes a jewelry statement. Let Cityrocka Perry just say that everyone didn’t make

Lit Over the Knee Boot Storage – Ingenious Ideas for Shoeaholics

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Over the knee boot storage is quite the big deal —or at least it should be if you think of yourself as being a dedicated shoeaholic.  With all of the boot lover temptation online and in the retail shoe stores, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve amassed a possible variety of over the knee boot footwear. But how exactly have you been storing them?  If you want to be one of those individuals whose determined to make what you buy last (especially the LIT  ish that we post up in on the

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas – How to Be the Most without Doing the Most

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The New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas in this fashion blog post aren’t meant to be TAMED. Expect to get some attention, and plenty of it. You will be LIT. There isn’t need for you to worry though, because what this fashion accessories and jewelry blogger has in mind will still be plenty tasteful. After all, the point of you clicking onto this site is to be plenty informative, and keep you coming back for more accessory goodness.

Snob Proof -10 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Cheapskates

Christmas Gift Ideas running on empty? Well, what you may be experiencing really isn’t that uncommon. We’ve all been on the receiving end. You noisily tear off the frilly red bow and gold paper wrapping only to discover that what’s inside of the gift box is—a package of socks. Or yet another toaster that heaven only knows you really don’t need. Holiday gifts are supposed to make people happy, not turn them into being dishonest folks forced to pretend smile and feign December 25th,

4 Steps – to Channeling Your Inner Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West Fashion Accessories game has her OWNING it. About as much as Oprah I love bread Winfrey. This fashion jewelry accessories blogger most certainly isn’t a kiss up, but I have to confess that it’s been hella-fun to watch Kimmie evolve. From the well-to-do Kardashian Armenian heritage to this RICH never-not-even-a-single-hair out-of-place stepford-esque protégée of hubby Yeezy and Muvva to North West and Saint, this chick has made Kim K into a